MyMine Home

Turn everything off and be calm

With MyMine Home you don't need to leave the electricity or wifi on to monitor your home.

(un)Plug & Play

No connection to the electricity grid or wifi to have everything under control

Is everything okay?

What's the temperature? and the humidity? There is some water infiltration

The door is closed

The door/porthole sensor updates you every day if the doors are closed. In case of opening you will receive an alert via whatsapp and email.

Tranquility at an affordable cost

The safety of your home when you are away is at the forefront of homeowners' concerns.

The MyMine Home package includes a pre-configured multifunction sensor with no need for installation that allows you to control temperature/humidity and possible water leaks.

Installation is immediate and without any connection to the electricity network or wifi.

Wherever you are

from PC

and smartphones

MyMine Home

The multifunction sensor allows you to control:

  • temperature/humidity
  • opening doors or windows
  • possible water leaks

Sensors + Annual Subscription


Sensors + Monthly Subscription


Who has tried it


"I like to know what the temperature is in the mountains inside the house before leaving"




"I'm calmer. I turn everything off but I still stay informed"


Venosta Valley


"What I like most about the MyMine sensors is how easy they are to use. I installed them myself in just a few minutes"




"I installed a sensor to get some more information"