Traccia quello che ti sta a cuore

La tua moto o eBike
MyMine Boat - Sailboat at sunset - servizio di tracking per barche MyMine Boat - Sailboat at sunset - servizio di tracking per barche

Traccia quello che ti sta a cuore

La tua barca
MyMine Home - Porta di casa di vacanza - Servizio tracking case

Traccia ciò che ti sta più a cuore

La tua casa


Localization at your fingertips.
Check where the things that are important to you are: your bike, your motorbike, your boat or your four-legged friends.

No coverage

No 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi needed.
The long-range coverage of the LoraWan network reaches areas many kilometers away.
And if there's no coverage, it brings it MyMine

Green - No power

Turn off the house lights in the mountains, disconnect the boat battery.
Our energy-efficient sensors stay active and keep sending you signals for up to 2 years on a simple AA battery.

Is the door open?

Check not only the localization but also if everything is ok. Are the doors closed? Is anyone there right now? Is there a water leak?


Very simple installation without connections or configurations. Attach the sensor and it's already active and you can access your control dashboard

Stay up to date on what really matters to you
  • Where is Luca's bike?
  • Are the windows of the house in the mountains closed?
  • Are there any water infiltration in the boat?



Check your boat, at sea or at the dock

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Don't let your bike go without you ;)

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Your home under control even when you leave and turn everything off!

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He's your best friend, don't lose track of him

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The people network
MyMine is built on Helium

The first truly global and decentralized LoRaWAN network allows us to offer a low cost, long battery life tracking service at 1/10 the cost of traditional GPS tracking systems.

Helium is the perfect combination of low power consumption, globally secure and robust coverage.

Devices can communicate up to 200 times further than Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the connection costs are extremely low, making the service accessible to all.

Contribute to the network

Host a MyMine antenna and contribute to the network by earning a percentage