MyMine Boat

The tranquility of your boat

The ideal sensors + subscription package to keep your boat under control at all times!

Acquista Ora (sconto SALONE23)

Where is my boat

The location updated every day. And if the boat leaves an area that you have delimited (geofencing) you receive an alarm via whatsapp and email

Is everything okay?

If more water enters the bilge than expected, Mymine Boat sends you an alert via whatsapp and email.

The door is closed

The door/porthole sensor updates you every day if the doors are closed. In case of opening you will receive an alert via whatsapp and email.

Tranquility at an affordable cost

The safety of your boat when you are away.

The MyMine Boat package includes position sensors, temperature/humidity sensors and water leak sensors, easy to install and without the need for configuration.

With your personal mymine account, you can check the position of the boat and receive alarms in case of suspicious movements or water leaks.

Wherever you are

from PC

and smartphones

MyMine Boat

  • 1 position sensor
  • 1 porthole/door opening sensor with temperature/humidity detection
  • 1 bilge water sensor
  • 1 customized dashboard accessible from PC and smartphone

Who has tried it


"The biggest advantage I've found is not having to leave it plugged in all the time to get information"

Matthew - Beneteau 37



"Finally I can control the boat when I'm away. A great peace of mind"

Lucia - Sailboat



"What I like most about the MyMine sensors is how easy they are to use. I installed them myself in just a few minutes"

Luke - 18 feet



"The water leak sensors allowed me to prevent potentially costly damage"

Giova 67 - Motorboat